Sunday, January 26, 2014

DIY Wall Hanging - Fabric & Yarn Art PART 2 - FINISHED!

I set out on Thursday to create a wall-hanging decoration for my daughter's room (Click here to read about PART 1).

I have finally finished it! 

Because I used a stretchy fabric with no support on all border sides, (there was cardboard only in the top and bottom part of the wall-hanging) it hung with a slight hourglass shape. There was also another problem that arose while I was hanging it...

The top cardboard piece decided to bend. It was my fault for not being more careful in finding a sturdier, non-bent piece of cardboard, but laziness kicked in and I paid for it in the end. Now it wants to fold in half like a book. All I have to do to fix this problem, though, is to find/buy a thin dowel and stick it in where the ribbon comes out of the fabric. Then it'll be straight again.

Again, this project ended up being a lot more complex than I set out for it to be, but it came out really cute! If I were to make it again, I'd add a few more flowers and make their stems longer. Since she has a lot of butterfly patterns in her room, though, I'm glad I made the butterfly the most prominent part of the decoration. Again, this project was a difficulty of 4/5 because of so many things that went wrong while completing this project (plus outlining the wings with yarn was VERY tedious because of the detail involved).

A synopsis of what I'd do differently next time:
  • make sure the cardboard isn't bent (if I decide to just use 2 pieces for the top/bottom)
  • just use a full sheet of cardboard instead of doing the above
    • this will ensure cleaner, straighter edges on all sides of the picture
    • it will also cut the amount of time for this project down to a day instead of 2+ (I decided to try out the 2 pieces of cardboard for this project and I probably won't do it again. I'm used to using just one, full sheet)
  • prepare a ruffle-border/any trimmings ahead of time so they can actually be included in the project!


  1. You might also use a small thin piece of pipe or stick instead of cardboard so it's sturdier.

    1. Oooo... What'd be really neat is to show some of the stick (if I found one on the ground outside with all of the trees around) and make it look all... natural, like a tree. That'd be a cool design!

  2. It's as sweet as it can be!