Friday, January 10, 2014

Giftwrap a box lid - Empty Christmas Presents

You know how some people wrap an empty box to look like a Christmas present, either for a Christmas decoration or to make the space under the tree look less empty? Well for Christmas, we received some cute, tiny boxes that were the perfect size to fit under our little 2' Christmas tree. Granted we had Christmas at my husband's parents' place, so we no longer need the little boxes, but they were such cute boxes that I wanted to make them decorations or tree-fillers. However, some of the boxes had rips or tape residue on them (mostly on the lids). So yesterday, I learned how to wrap a box lid (something I've never done before).

Since it was something new, I went to youtube for help. This is the guide I chose to follow: 

I made some modifications, though, since I didn't like the look of the diagonal line showing. I'll walk you through the process.

I like to simplify things, so I didn't think I'd need a pencil and to mark where I needed to cut. I cut in a pretty straight line naturally. So if you don't think you can cut in a semi-straight line, then sure. Try what the video says and measure it out. 

Something I WISH I had at the time was a glue stick. It would have made the wrinkles in the wrapping paper more discrete and made even more crisp lines... Maybe.

So I give the wrapping paper a little more than an inch on all sides and cut it out. Because the paper will be finished inside the box, there's no real need to be exact. You just have to have enough paper to finish on the inside sides of the box, rather than the inside top of the lid. If that makes sense. Here, I'll show you:

See how there is still a little bit of space before it hits the inside top of the lid? That's a good thing.

I wrapped opposite sides because with the left and right wings/flaps/wrapping paper, we're going to do something special that wasn't in the video.

We're going to fold the edges!!! This way it'll be a nice, crisp, horizontal line instead of diagonal lines.

I secured all of the folds with tape. I had to make sure this isn't going to come undone on me... I have a little toddler and these need to survive her playing with them!


See those nice, crisp horizontal lines? Yeah, I like them, too.

The finished product! I had to squeeze and pry a bit to get the lid back on the box since they were already fitting kinda snug, but I eventually got it!

Yes I know, the colors don't match. But at least now it doesn't have a big white sticky residue showing on top! And it looks nice. It's the fact that I (and now you) know how to wrap a box lid that matters!

Overall, the difficulty of this project was a 2. Folding the paper into the box lid was the most challenging part (actually fitting the lid back onto the box again was the most challenging part, but folding comes close). Again, I wish I had a glue stick.

A simple craft project, but there you go! How many of you have ever wrapped a box lid before?

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