Friday, January 24, 2014

DIY Wall Hanging - Fabric & Yarn Art PART 1

This project is turning into a 2+ day project. I started on Thursday, but I keep adding more ideas to this project... So I'll show you guys what I've done up to this point. 

There's an ugly, grey fuse box in my daughter's room:

It sticks out like a sore thumb... I've been meaning to make some kind of a wall-hanging decoration to cover it. It's a pretty big eyesore. It measured 16" by 30" total, so I needed to make something a few inches longer/wider on each side.

(Ugly picture of me trying to measure it. Sorry! It was the best I could do being one-handed)

Normally when I make yarn art I use a full sheet of cardboard. This time I wanted to try something different and create a makeshift wall-scroll. I needed pieces for the top and bottom.

(Shh... I up-cycle all of my diaper boxes!)

Then I needed the fabric. I measured roughly 12 inches more than the length of my wall-scroll to roll up the cardboard pieces in multiple layers of fabric.

Before I rolled up the cardboard into the fabric, I cut a piece of ribbon that I'll be using to hang the whole thing. I then used my glue-gun to glue the sides of the wall-scroll so it looks like it has a nice, finished edge. 

I was thinking about a design for the wall-scroll and drew a few sketches... Then drew the final patterns that I'd cut out and use as a template. This was originally going to be the template page and the large space was reserved for a pretty big butterfly.

However, I got to sketching a few thumbnails on some scrap paper... And then my daughter wanted to nurse. Picking her up, I held her with my right arm, leaving me unable to sketch while nursing.


I still had my left hand. In the drawing below, the upper-left drawing was with my right hand before I started nursing my daughter. The upper-right butterfly was done entirely by my left hand while my right hand was immobile.

I liked it so much that I re-drew it with my right hand with steady, clean lines. (I don't know if you can see, but the upper-right drawing's lines are not smooth at all).

Normally when I do my yarn art, I just use one color of yarn and outline my templates. But while my sister was visiting, I had her braid some yarn together... three different types of green. It looked so cool that I decided to use it in my design. I didn't have a picture of her braiding, so here are pictures of me braiding the rest of the braids today...

They were very loooooong braids. (Roughly 4 feet long)

My daughter happily, patiently playing while I braid. :)

I don't want to give away all of my secrets on how I do my yarn art, but this is what it looks like up to this point. I'm still gluing the yarn and none of the braided yarn is glued down yet. I also wanted to make a ruffled border, but we'll see if I can get to that... I can always add it later.

Let me know if anyone is interested in yarn art. I'm willing to make custom orders. All of my templates are hand-made by request. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into these yarn pieces - I can make/outline practically any picture (I don't do copyright images unless you are the owner). I'll post a picture of some of my other yarn art pieces some other time.

The level of difficulty of this project is a 4/5. Yarn art in general can be as easy as a 1 and complex as a 5. I hope to finish this tomorrow. I want to work on a different project by my next blog update! (Click here for PART 2!)

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